U.S. 3rd Highest Corporate Tax Rate

The USA has the 3rd highest corporate tax rate, any wonder why companies are moving overseas?



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Why are we still using so much energy?


Great article in today’s Wall Street Journal.

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What’s All That Data Worth?


Great article this morning in the WSJ about how do we account for all the data companies collect. The best line is from Laura Martin ““Data is worth­less if you don’t know how to use it to make money,” said Laura Mar­tin, an an­a­lyst with Need­ham & Co. In­for­ma­tion on in­di-vid­ual users loses value over time as they move or their tastes change, she added. That makes data a per­ish­able com­mod­ity and more dif­fi­cult to value at any given mo­ment.”

Here is the link to the full article

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Talk about going out on a cliff….


This house in Australia is pushing the envelope of living on the edge.

According too BBC and other news outlets:
If living by the ocean isn’t enough for you, why not try a night living above the ocean in a seaside home built directly into a cliff.

Inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship, The Cliff House was designed by Australian architectural firm Modscape that is known for working with prefabricated houses. According to BBC News, the vertical villa has three bedrooms (just one bathroom), an open air spa and space to barbecue on the ground floor—which is closest to the ocean.

Read the full story here

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Remembering Sept 11th


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America’s lost productivity


This week’s Economist talks about the wrong track that the US is on vs. our last boom in the 1990s.

Jobs are not enough
New figures show that the speed at which America’s economy can grow without stoking inflation has fallen

AMERICAN workers have had no news this good for years. In June employers added 288,000 jobs, bringing the total for the year to 1.4m, the best six-month stretch since 2006. Unemployment has sunk to 6.1%, the lowest rate in almost six years. It could hit levels long regarded as “full employment” within a year. Help-wanted signs are proliferating, with vacancies up by 20% since January.

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