America’s lost productivity


This week’s Economist talks about the wrong track that the US is on vs. our last boom in the 1990s.

Jobs are not enough
New figures show that the speed at which America’s economy can grow without stoking inflation has fallen

AMERICAN workers have had no news this good for years. In June employers added 288,000 jobs, bringing the total for the year to 1.4m, the best six-month stretch since 2006. Unemployment has sunk to 6.1%, the lowest rate in almost six years. It could hit levels long regarded as “full employment” within a year. Help-wanted signs are proliferating, with vacancies up by 20% since January.

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A little uptight? Or no quality control?


A city in So California installed parking signs that had a limit of 1 minute parking only. After a big uproar the city admits it should have said 1 hour and they will be putting up new signs in the coming weeks.

My question is : somebody put the signs up– didn’t they notice? Do your employees take responsibility or are they mindless robots?

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Please Micro-Manage Us


Are we becoming a world that needs ever step written out? What happened to common sense? This can’t all be lawyers. The problem will come as we need our employees and team members to think more for themselves.

I’m glad they told us to take kid out of clothes, I almost forgot.

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Summer in Ireland-Summed Up In One Comic


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World Cup getting noticed in the US


If you didn’t know that the World Cup started in Brazil last week you may be alone. As more people in America pay attention to this, the largest international competition, there is a lot of commercial opportunities. And as the TV ratings show (chart above) if you are not paying attention you may be putting your career at a disadvantage. Well maybe if you are trying to expand internationally.

In today’s WSJ they discuss how almost more people watched one match vs the NBA final game.

World Cup Audience In the U.S. Is Growing

Americans are increasingly developing a taste for the “beautiful game,” at least when their own team is playing.

Monday night’s World Cup match between the U.S. and Ghana drew 15.9 million viewers total between the two channels carrying the game, ESPN and Univision, according to preliminary overnight Nielsen ratings. The figure set World Cup viewership records for both networks.

The ratings trounced the audience for the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup finals on Friday, which attracted 6 million TV viewers. Perhaps more surprising, the viewership numbers for the soccer game had an admirable showing against Sunday’s National Basketball Association finals game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat, which attracted 17.9 million viewers.

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What to do when you are stuck in an airport


Like something out of Tom Hank’s movie Terminal a guy stuck in an airport decided to have some fun and remake a music video. Hat’s off to him as he turned a bad day into something fun.

Guy Stuck Alone In Airport Remakes Entire Celine Dion Music Video, Has A Great Time

The next time you find yourself alone in an airport, take a page out of Richard Dunn’s book and channel your inner Celine Dion.

Dunn, stuck overnight at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport, rejected the standard time-wasting techniques of reading and crying alone into stale Cinnabon. Instead, he let his inner creativity take the wheel — and it steered him to Celine Dion’s classic cover of the Eric Carmen song, “All By Myself.”

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